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NHPCO August ECHO Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Annette Lee
ALL such great points. PCPs and AND specialists need to be working on a shift in mindset with the patient/family routinely-- They all pass the buck-- under such pressure for visit timeframes, etc.
Sara Dado
It really is a societal issue that no one wants to have these hard conversation or more importantly sometimes HEAR these conversations about palliative care and serious illness. It has to go beyond just the health care providers in the community. It is an issue that everyone has to be willing to talk about more openly and look at differently. Quality of life does not always have to mean more care. But unfortunately the incentives are aligned that way.
Heather Thompson
Patient's should be given all of the information around their health so that they are empowered to make their own choices. It goes back to patient choice. Palliative care consults and options presented for the first time in the hospital setting are not trusted by patient and families. When it is the first time it is brought up, many go to an immediate place that is negative. The conversations should come long before that, often times by specialists who these types of patients typically see more often than their PCP.
Heather Thompson
Thank you for this session. Very informative and productive.
Tomasina Chamberlain
I also have experienced that in order to adequately manage pain and other symptoms, the hospital indicates that the patient has to be on hospice. It is rather back and white - treatment to improve OR comfort care, not both
Rory Farrand
Great great session!
Annette Lee
All SUCH great points-- THANK YOU ALL! Excellent conversation!
Sara Dado
Thank you all for the great work!