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NHPCO ECHO Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Hope Fost
Friendly reminder to please mute your phone and/or computer while listening. Thank you!
Hope Fost
The recording and slides will be available following the call.
Hope Fost
The recording of the session and the slide set will appear on the following webpage by Friday https://www.nhpco.org/regulatory-and-quality/quality/project-echo/project-echo-session-recordings/
Jennifer Kennedy
Please type your questions for the presenters in the chat box.
Alicia Sterritt
When the family first reached out, I'm wondering if you reached out to the doctor to ask if permissible to do a Hospice consult? There must have been some reason they reached out to Hospice, even though they wanted to "keep going". I'm wondering if the Hospice consult would have helped the family to have these discussions earlier instead of the last week of life?
Lori Bishop
How did the team determine the SW frequency on admission? Seems like the psychosocial needs of the patient and family suggest a need for a higher visit frequency
Lores Vlaminck
I agree Lori…
Jill Little
you mentioned SW supported with calls. How about joint visits to increase the team support?
Sandy Nelson
did you consider adding early bereavement services for the daughter?
Sierra Evans
Does your organization have a Palliative Care Program? It might have helped to ease the daughter into Hospice by starting with Palliative Care so they could continue with treatment and then easing into hospice care with the introduction of those extra services (bereavement/psych-soc/etc)
ElizaBeth Clayton
if the daughter had mental health issues, perhaps reaching out to her MD might have been appropriate.
Linda Tavel
this was a challenging situation. you did as good a job as any
Linda Tavel
what level of bereavement risk did you feel the family had?
Linda Tavel
and how are they doing now?
Michelle Gardia
From an outreach standpoint, how do we educate the public about the benefits of starting hospice sooner? Is it better to market directly to them, or to physicians?
Judith Redona
we have had a similar situation in our inpatient facility. it has been very tough on our staff who understand the dynamic of the family's grief, but it does seem compounded right now during COVID
Susan Burk
Great question, Michelle
Dannette Shebest
I can say with 100% certainty that we’ve also had this pt/family situation multiple times over the years. Always a crisis, always challenging. Always shooting from the hip so to speak. There is no one right cookie cutter answer to these situations.
Rachel McPherson
Can you talk a little bit about how you are structured with palliative care as part of your services?
Linda Tavel
doctors don't refer until they can 'see" that the patient is dying!
Michelle August
plan 9 months for births but sometimes neglect to plan for death. great to get out there and educate the community via the rotary club
Rachel McPherson
Thank you!
Lori Bishop
Thank you so much for sharing this case!
Bridget Narvaez
Thank you all for the presentation and sharing.
Hope Fost
We wanted to let you know that we've made it easier to submit case studies for future Project ECHO calls with an online SBAR form. Go to nhpco.org/projectecho to see the upcoming topic schedule and submit a case.
Sandy Nelson
For these types of patient who have been reliant on blood transfusion and IVFs for a long time, we often have a discussion with pt/family at time they are initially referred to negotiate what types of treatment we will offer under hospice services. For example, we may offer one or two more blood transfusions after signing onto hospice if pt is able to get out to the outpt center for the transfusion.
Dan Mathews
Has anyone out there had success at educating physicians regarding the fact that we can do so much more for patients and families if we have months instead of days or weeks.
Sandy Nelson
Great discussion today!
Jill Little
thanks for the presentation.
Sandy Nelson
Great comments Lores! Thank you.
Fernando Borrego
We are seeing reduced LOS, as if referrals are coming late.. not from patient/family resistance.. any others reflecting this pattern? We are wondering if Providers are not getting to see their critical patients.. or some other factor.. Thoughts?
Sandi Cassese
My boss always reminds people that the Medicare benefit is one they worked their whole lives for...